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A longing to unlearn. To return to a state of clean. I long to relearn after.

The body is beside containment; its surface seeks to forget. It knows of no limitations and it ignores all contemplations of reality. Within the given space and time, it lies vacant yet full.

Ablution is an act of unlearning from beliefs one is subjected to – a possible purification, essentially emerging as a blank slate (tabula rasa). An attempt to return to the mother’s womb where the foetus is enveloped serenely in a volume of water, swimming serves as a state of comfort while I revel in the water.






(21 August – 20 October 2008)

tickleart, a curated visual art event at CityLink Mall, attempts to encapsulate time as an omnipresence with three different takes by three Singapore visual artists on its ephemeral quality. Through videos and sound projections, the artists capture the “hangtime” of an experience. Time is the indefinite continuum of existence. A constant element that goes unnoticed, how does one quantify motion without measurement of hours, minutes or seconds?

Perception3 consists of artists Regina De Rozario and Seah Sze Yun. A submersion of unknown sounds and haunting shadows, their video Terminus features the void deck – an area often taken for granted. Dealing with ideas of memory and loss in the city, the imagination runs amok with the intriguing concoction of audio and visual elements.

Iranian Singapore artist Salehi Rahni Sima tackles a familiar topic of female issues reflected in her culture today. Her installation captures the essence of tensions felt by a muslim woman, trapped within the subversive notion of tradition and gender.

Questioning the limits of the body in relation to the spaces she is in, Kimberly Shen experiences a cleansing ritual in her video “Ablution”. Through swimming repeated laps in a pool, she creates gestural markings in a body of water and leaves temporal trails in her wake.

Curated by Susie Wong, Time, which interestingly coincides within the period of the Formula One and Singapore Biennale will run from 21 August to 20 October at tickleart.


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