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Weekends are never long enough. All in favour of implementing a 3-day weekend, say “Aye!”.

If you’ve light sticks (like how I did at Baybeats), wave ’em in the air!

Now that I’ve heard a resonating agreement, it’s possible my boss just clobbered me on the head. And he might also wonder how many namecards I gave out at the Omy Blog Awards last Friday.

Colour of the night was Pink, spot the good people who dressed to theme?

Not plenty to be honest, but if anything, those bite-sized cards were excellent conversation starters. As my first social media event, I suppose it was only natural to be overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of blogging as a business. It struck me that new media, once taken as a mere tool for immediate communication, now carries the power to influence and guide. Times have changed indeed.

Lolly for Molly.

Tagged with a strip of paper, each lolly was partnered with a nominated blog address. Pretty nifty, yes? Should have nicked a few more, might need them to keep yours truly awake while I pry my drowsy eyes open at my desk tomorrow morning.



  1. Your boss will not clobber you on the head. He will point at you and scream “SEXXXXX!!!!!” đŸ˜‰

  2. Noooo! Take those images out of my head, pronto!

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