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I recall back in primary school, worksheets were printed on yellowed textured papers (of which my colleague clarified, it’s called jotter book paper). In a strange way, this humble item is one of the fondest memories from my school days.

Before the commodity of pristine white sheets of deligtful A4 paper, these jotter sheets were a staple source of torment for kids in school. It was tedious and near impossible not to cause an unsightly hole everytime one erases an error vigorously on the worksheet.


Perhaps it trained us to write cautiously and neatly (so much for pencil markings being convenient)?

It was a hierachy of sorts when you graduated to upper primary and you were licensed to use a ballpoint pen. Other than the significance of “I’m a big girl now, I can use a PEN!”, in came another problem – correction tape. It was truthfully pointless to use liquid paper, an error would mean either a big blue scrawly to cover the mistake or an ungainly white splodge (or splodges for that matter) would leave little imprints of boo-boos. The jotter paper also has the innate ability to soak up liquid paper and leave hardened lumps of residue that seeped through the sheets. Our poor teachers would receive sheet after another of dancing white spots and childish blue ink scrawls. What a nightmare for the eyes.

Right now, the luxury of copy paper means less of an opportunity to master the art of the scrub and quite honestly, who writes these days? Today it’s about the clatter of the keyboard and the spontaneous mouse click to ‘Print’. Don’t even get me started on the deterioration of handwriting. As with recapping, one always ponders on lost time and how many things are taken for granted now. And for the sake of feeling like I’m seven again, I want to buy a stack of these jotter papers. And the thing I’ll do first?

Cause a big black hole with my eraser.



  1. Kim, we must sit down and talk about this….

  2. Wah, so serious!

  3. oooo.. I remember handwriting used to be so faint and dainty cause that’s the easiest to get rid off in case we went to 5 + 2 = 8 or something lol!

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