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After emptying the contents of my bag last week in a bid to remove odd knick knacks sitting in its depths, I recalled a blog post done two years ago. Would the constituents in your bag speak volumes of who you are? Notwithstanding for women and their itsy bitsy handbags, of course. Though I do wonder what can you rely on when you’re lost with only your lipstick and compact mirror at hand.

Digressions aside, I realised what’s within my bag has changed since.

Back in art school, my DVD-RWs and sketchbook were of utmost importance.

Now I rely on my trusty Foley+Corinna bag for everything. Taking a peek inside…

My faithful Muji organiser (bought by dearest Jamie for my birthday this year, she probably thought I lacked organisational skills), grey namecard holder, Body Shop cocoa butter lip balm (for chapped lips!), Philips voice recorder (when I need to get an impromptu interview done), black shades from TopShop, the obscenely small polka dot umbrella and my current read: The Gift by Lewis Hyde.

A brochure I picked up at Substation, a visitor’s guide during my trip to the Peranakan Museum, little pouch of girly necessities, black Muji wallet, the loyal sketchbook, my staff pass and housekeys.

Not in pictures – strips of (unused!) plaster, lighter, pack of Next Chill, my iPhone and strange debris.

The only item consistent from two years before is my sketchbook! Good grief! I wonder would the contents of my bag change by 2010,

so what lies in your bag?



  1. in mah bagz dere iz:

    1) wallet (no money only cards)
    2) keys
    3) water bottle
    4) notebook that doubles as a sketchbook
    5) phone
    6) esprit collapsable umbrella brought by my darling
    7) occasionally scraps of paper and brochures of whatever.

  2. BOOKS
    A FILE

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