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Usual Thursday dinners with Jamie and Lynn are always a laugh. For some strange unnecessary reason, photo opportunities are a must between us ex-colleagues.

Lynn was my partner in crime at events – she coerced me into donning fake eyelashes at the JPG launch! And Jamie? She was the other girlie in the Man Room!


We decided on drinks at Emerald Hill when someone suggested, “Why don’t we walk up to our old office?” Though the magazine publisher (whose name rhymes with mission) has since shifted to somewhere with cheaper rent, it truly felt like we were entering the twilight zone – the smoke breaks outside that blue shophouse were fondly remembered, of course! Couldn’t help but shudder thinking of the inanity we had to put up during our stint there as we inched closer to number 70.


If anything good came out of working in that ridiculous excuse of a company, it would be these two girls. Till next Thursday, loves!



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