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It’s 10am on Saturday morning and you’re with the girls having a breakfast at macs. Sure, it’s an ungodly hour to be awake on a weekend, so where do you head to next?


After some conspiring and consulting the newspaper, we decide to embark on a trip to the National Museum of Singapore!


Jamie was in an unusually hyper mood having woken up to Toni Braxton’s Unbreak My Heart that morning. For the life of me, I’m not sure what inspired her to dance like that, but I might (just might) be doing the Great Singapore Workout!


So off we went to visit Weapons of Mass Desire – a plethora of retro-coloured items from the days of yore.


Lynn couldn’t help but confuse us with a visual illusion.


We spent five minutes in the Doubleness exhibition just searching for our surnames (Chen, Lin and Shen). Why does mine have to be all the way on top?


Couldn’t help but fool around with the lime green thingamajig we were left to play with at the History Gallery.


Amused ourselves at Suzann Victor’s swinging chandeliers of scarlet and Matthew Ngui’s The Building Remembers / Remembering the Building interactive video art.


Of course photos will never sum up the totality of the trip to NMS; sure they serve great visual reference but bringing friends who don’t usually step foot into museums gives me great joy. Our journey may have ended with aching feet and blatant calls for back massages, but the rapid conversations of “Which exhibit did you like best?” of “Why did the artist do this?” after all of that, it’s love.


So what’s there not to love about museums?


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