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provides support for fragmented meanings and fragmented subjectives; provides the support to reconnect words and objects. Love is something spoken, and it is only that. Our lives have meanings for us, we have a sense of ourselves, through the narratives which we prepare to tell others through our experience. Even if we do not tell stories, we live our experience through the stories that we construct in order to “tell ourselves” to another, a love one. The living body is a loving body, and the loving body is a speaking body. Love is essential to the living body and it is essential in bringing the living body to life in language.

(Adapted from Julia Kristeva’s Crisis of Meaning)



  1. ..simply splendid!

    *hums* …dededaaaaann … *wails* I BELIEVEEEE IN A THING CALLEEEED LOVVVVVVEEEEE.. just listen to the rhythm of the heart…


  2. *hugs*

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