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On a noisy bus ride home…

VJ: (deadpan) Eh, can I borrow $5,000?
K: Whatever for? Do I look like I’m loaded with cash? 
VJ: Borrow from your dad lah, I want to buy shares…
K: Huh? You want to buy what, chairs?
VJ: (bowled over in laughter) Why do I want to buy chairs? Not unless they’re musical!

During one of our heart-to-heart talks…

VJ: You need to stop being so defensive. You’re always hiding in this shell – I want to peel the layers away and sit in the shell with you.
K: My shell is too small, wouldn’t fit both of us…
VJ: Buy a bigger one lah!
K: Eh, you think I’m a hermit crab, is it?


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