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Category Archives: Art

A thing is not beautiful because it is beautiful, it is beautiful because one likes it.

And that may very well be true. We’ve arrived at a time where art comes in form of a dead shark disintegrating in formaldehyde…


Damien Hirst
The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living

…lights that go on and off every five seconds in an empty room


Martin Creed
Work No. 227, the lights going on and off

…and an unmade bed littered with cigarette stubs and used condoms on its side.


Tracey Emin
My Bed

While you might wrinkle your nose in distaste, these artists have been nominated for the prestigious Turner Prize at one point in their lives and have made critically acclaimed works in the last two decades.

You might wonder, do artists these days just have a tendency to out-shock and out-mortify one another, that contemporary works no longer exude a quiet beauty about them? Art school grads are equipped with knowledge to better understand conceptual works like these, but are prone to knowing too much to fully appreciate them. What about the man on the street?

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